Happy birthday number 8

This could be the time to have more personal and close relationships with others. Sometimes when we see the number is is what we want or what we need to learn lessons about.

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So is could be about love or about feeling left out. Make sense? Still the lesson is self -love. Hey, I kept searching for some kind of explanation like yours for so long and never found it until today, 2 days before my birthday.

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I always felt some kind of strong connection with my birthday, and never seemed to find anyone like me, if that makes any sense. On car plates, on movies, on documentaries…. Last year I started to screenshot my lock screen and taking pictures in order to count how many times it happened.

In a short conclusion I had to delete the pictures because my camera roll seemed some kind of crazy code mission or something. How very interesting Mariana! Happy birthday: lets see in a quick version. The message is always different based on who is seeing it. But can clearly be.

Birth Day (Date) Numerology for People Born on 8, 17, 26 (Facts, Luck Factors, Life Path Number)

Pay attention to this moment. It is time for new beginnings and to express yourself clearly and creatively. You thrive through being out their in the world and engaging in the world. You can find out more about your personal year by this post. And if you want a more personal interpretation in a mini reading.

Five is all about energy, change, being out there in the world with people. Wow your ex also has an inspiration number of change and loving to connect with people. I would imagine the two of you were very compatible physically, yes? Anyway, seeing these numbers may have something to do with that it is time for change and perhaps time for a new special someone that excites you and you can engage with. Or simply saying that it is time for change.

What can you do now that involves people that you would look forward to? Perhaps do something different, that sounds like fun. Go dancing, etc. You might enjoy this post as well. Hi Jason, Yes it is so very interesting when you see the sam number. I can help you in a more specific and personal way dealing with the meaning of your birthday numbers and this year.

Here is the link to my skype or email service. Many blessings, Greer. I was really wondering what could this mean.

Birthday Number in Numerology

Did I get that right? I would be happy to help.

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I am seeing it everywhere. I can only remember certain times in my life that I would see my birthday everywhere. So I know it means something for me this time. Can you help me to understand the meaning or give me some direction.

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I also saw it in the comments section a few seconds ago. Yes it is so very interesting Joy. Hi Robert, similar to my comment to Zipporah, your numbers add up to an 8. This is the number of power and abundance. Also the 9 is transformation. So when you see these numbers it might be saying to you, it is time to look at your life and and honor your uniqueness and take action. Let me know if I can help you in a more specific ways through numerology.

Here is a link. I have been on a personal journey to find my purpose for a while. I will be 30 this year and I am worried about what it means. Please help as a need a change lol. No worries Zipporah, your month and day added together is all about what inspires you. The eight is all about abundance and power and empowerment.

When you see the birthday, it is reminding you to stay in your power and follow what inspires you. Hope this helps, let me know if I can help you in a more specific way through a reading. You are in for quite a year in a nine… see this link to find your personal year. Hi Matthew, A 11 4 — great birthday. It adds to 6 compassion and friendship. It might be a time to honor your brilliance and build something new. Perhaps a reminder to be grounded and take action. Hi my name is Shachet and my birthday is … I always see my birthday…it does not scare me but I always wanted to know what it means so I started playing the lottery..

Hi Shay, thanks for your comment and question. Lets see. The sum being 6 is all about the heart, family love, compassion. So put it together seeing your birthday numbers can be reminding you of being present in the moment with your heart open and honor your abilities to inspire and create! When you see this number, you are reminded who you are a brilliant manifester and inspirer.

Perhaps something in your life you need to take care of? Or let go of your insecurities and step out in your life? Also, my rant about playing the lottery.. I have tried it for years and I believe there is no formula to win.. Better off claiming your power and doing something that feeds your passion and you will succeed. Also if you want to delve into your numbers in your name and birthday, we can set up a 90 minute reading. All the best, Greer.

Hey there! This is so interesting to me as certain numbers have been surrounding me as of late. In fact, I just ran into it today a few minutes ago! Thank you.